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Tips for Long Distance Parenting Plans Following Divorce

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Delafield divorce attorney parenting planAfter parents decide to separate or get divorced, it is most convenient if they live within driving distance of one another. While it is not easy for a child to adjust to a new lifestyle when one parent moves out, things become even more difficult for them if their mom or dad moves to another state or a city that is several hours away. If you are going through a divorce or legal separation and are unsure of how to successfully co-parent because one parent lives far away, here are some helpful tips for long distance parenting plans: 

Design a Schedule 

It is essential to create a schedule of visitation times and stick to it. By keeping visitation schedules consistent, your child will be able to gain trust and feel loved by both parents. Even if the parent who lives out of town may not be able to attend every sporting event or milestone in a child’s life, they should be aware of these activities and frequently communicate with children about important events, as well as their day to day life. 

If your child is young, the out of town parent should keep them informed about how long it will be until they will see them again. This will help your child realize that even though one parent is not always physically present, they are still a crucial part of their life. 

The parent who the child lives with for the majority of the time should make an effort to be supportive. They should encourage your child to contact their long distance parent and reschedule any visitations that get canceled.

Use Technology 

Fortunately, technology has made long distance parenting far easier. The parent who lives far away should sign up for Skype or another video chat service and use it on a regular basis to communicate with your child. This allows them to not only have regular conversations, but also take part in activities like reading bedtime stories or watching children play sports.

If your child is older and has a smartphone, they should take advantage of texting, video chatting, and even game playing with their long distance parent. It is also wise to use email to communicate with parents about homework or extracurricular activities. 

Consider a Unique Arrangement

Most visitation agreements outline that a child will stay with their non-custodial parent every other weekend or for a similar time period. Since this type of arrangement may be a challenge for your child’s long distance parent, think about longer periods of time where the out of town parent could spend time with your child. Summer vacation is a great example of a time of the year where a long-distance parent can have longer periods of parenting time.

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